Chainsaw Qualifications News

Lantra Awards and City and Guilds NPTC (previously known as Lantra and NPTC) have decided to end their current working arrangements of the past few years and go in direct competition with each other. Both organisations are launching a range of new and updated chainsaw courses. NPTC will offer an ‘Integrated Assessment (IA)’ on some […]

Hi everybody & welcome back!

Apologies to everyone for the delay in getting the new website live but we’re back now. There are quite a few changes this time and we’ve been struggling to get all the new information ready for you. If you can’t find what you need please email or phone us. The following is a summary of […]

Chainsaw Certification

This has been the most radical shakeup that we have seen in over 20 years of offering chainsaw training. Whilst we were thinking that a bit of competition may be healthy, it has just become downright confusing with over 80 different options between the two awarding bodies. The old CS units (CS30, 31 etc.) finished […]

Husqvarna Discount

If you train with us you can get a 25% discount off Husqvarna chainsaws and some accessories through D.S.Bennett Ltd. in Tavistock. Although they do sell other makes of saw, the discount only applies to Husqvarna at the moment. Although if you ask Doug nicely, I’m sure he’ll give you a good deal!