This course is designed to introduce arboriculture to those who have limited knowledge of how a tree functions and reacts to external pressures leading to a fuller understanding of the signs and symptoms that a tree presents so that a competent inspection may be carried out. It will introduce the topics below and will enable the candidates to develop an initial knowledge base that will form the basis of further reading, understanding and maybe, formal qualifications.

The course
2 days

• What is a Tree?
• What does a Tree need to Grow?
• How does a Tree Grow?
• What affects Tree Growth?
• How does a Tree Respond?
• Why Inspect Trees?
• Safe Practice/Insurance
• Hazard Assessment
• Tree Inspection Process
• Tree Inspection Exercise
• Decay Detection Equipment

What should you bring to the course?
Candidates should bring with them outdoor clothing and footwear and hi-visibility outer clothing, i.e. a reflective vest or similar

Candidates are encouraged to participate fully in the course and be prepared to undertake limited exercises in the field to reinforce the knowledge gained in the classroom. A work book is provided and candidates are also encouraged to take notes.

Candidates are not expected to buy specialist books for the course, a range of the most appropriate and useful books will be available for study and use during the course so that individuals may decide which are most appropriate for further study.

What the course covers:
• Definition and composition (biology and structure)
• Environment and elements
• Stages in life, systems, processes, structure
• Abiotic and Biotic factors
• Defence, compartmentalisation, responses
• Statistics, moral and legal responsibilities
• Target and Risk
• Systems, equipment, signs and signals, recording, mitigation and re-inspection
• Introduction to invasive and non invasive equipment and techniques

All trainees must be over 16 years of age and in good health.
Persons with certain ailments or on certain medication may not be able to take part in the practical sessions


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