We have listed our available courses in this category below. Most of these courses are tailored to the individual or company so please contact us for more information.

All Terrain Vehicles – Quad Bikes
Anyone using a quad bike for work or leisure purposes HSE stipulate that ATV operatives require training.

Basic Trailer Handling & Towing on the road
Gain more confidence in trailer towing and/or Prepare for the B + E test.

Mower Maintenance & Operation
Anyone using pedestrian or ride on mowers.

Sea Crane or Pier Crane
Suitable for operators in a wide range of industries and work environments, including: Agriculture, Aquaculture and fish farming, Building products, Construction, Forestry and timber processing, Industrial sites, Ports and harbours, Road haulage and distribution.

For anyone using Hand or Vehicle Mounted Winches for work purposes. Suitable for 4 x 4 vehicle recovery or timber extraction.

Also see Plant & Machinery for Forklifts, Excavators, Dumpers and much more.


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