Prices stated are per person, per course. Discounts are available for groups and will depend on group size and location – please contact us to discuss options available. Equipment hire or other expenses may be applicable in certain situations – please confirm when enquiring.

Prices correct at time of printing – these must be confirmed prior to booking. Lynher Training reserves the right to change prices without notice to reflect changes in supplier costs or funding. Full terms & conditions are available on our website or upon request. No liability is accepted for information wrongly interpreted from this list.

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Price List (Valid from Jan 2022)

Chainsaw Price List (Valid form Jan 2022

Chainsaw Equipment Hire Charges

Chainsaw – Lantra Awards Certificates of Competence with photo ID card*DaysPrice
Basic Operator – Maintenance, Cross Cutting & Felling to 200mm / 8”4£595
Maintenance & Cross Cutting Only2£375
Felling to 200mm / 8” (you must already have maintenance & cross cutting)2£375
Powered Pole Pruners Maintenance & Operation1£240
Courses with separate NPTC assessmentsDaysPriceNPTCTotal
Basic Ground Units (Old units shown in brackets)
COC201 – (202,202/CS30) Basic Maintenance and Cross Cutting only2£325£150£475
COC202 Felling to 380mm / 15” (203/CS31)3£425£150£575
COC201/202 Basic Maintenance, Cross Cutting & Felling to 380mm / 15” diameter at felling height (201,202,203/CS30 & 31)5£660£280£940
Basic Maintenance, Cross Cutting & Felling to 380mm (refresher only – no need to re-take assessments)(CS30/31 refresher)3£395N/A£395
Basic Maintenance, Cross Cutting & Felling to 380mm (One-to-one customised refresher only – no need to re-take assessments) (CS30/31 refresher)1£520N/A£520
Advanced Ground Units (Old units shown in brackets)DaysPriceNPTCTotal
COC304 Felling and Processing Medium Trees over 380mm / 15” and up to 760mm (301/CS32)3£495£225£720
(CS31/32) refresher for experienced operators2£POAN/A£POA
COC308 Individual Windblown Trees2£425£225£650
COC307 (304) – Emergency Tree Work Planning 2£425£150£575
COC207 (205/CS48) Powered Pole Pruners (Training & Integrated Assessment)1£200£150£350
“Off-Ground” Chainsaw (Old units shown in brackets)DaysPriceNPTCTotal
COC203 (206,306/CS38) Tree Climbing & Aerial Rescue5£625£150£775
COC204 (308/CS39) Using a Chainsaw from a Rope & Harness2£375£150£525
COC302 (307/CS40) Aerial Tree Pruning2£375£150£525
COC303 (309/CS41) Aerial Tree Rigging 3£425£280£705
COC309 (311/CS47) Operating a Chainsaw from a MEWP2£375£195£570
Forest Machine Operation (FMOC)DaysPriceNPTCTotal
All NPTC FMOC Units Available – per machine assessment) – own machines1£POA£225£POA

Forestry, Arboriculture & Agricultural CoursesDaysPrice
Strimmer / Brushcutter (experienced operator) – Lantra Certificate1£210
Strimmer / Brushcutter – NPTC Certificate1£240
Woodchippers – Lantra Certificate1£210
Safe use of Woodchippers – NPTC Certificate of Competence1£240
Hedgetrimmer – Lantra Certificate1£195
Safe use of Hedgetrimmer – NPTC Certificate of Competence1£220
Leaf Blowers – Lantra Certificatehalf£175
Professional Tree Inspection – Lantra (assessed course)3£650
Tree Inspection – City and Guilds Unit certificate3£525
Basic Tree Survey & Inspection – Lantra Certificate of Attendance1£255
Tree Science – City and Guilds Unit certificate2£450
Tree Pests and Diseases – City and Guilds Unit certificate2£450
Tree Identification and Tree Planting – City and Guilds Unit certificate2£450
Tree Planting and Aftercare – City and Guilds Unit certificate2£450
Woodland Management – an Introduction – City and Guilds unit certification2£450
Bat Awareness for Tree Workers – Lynher Training Certificate of Attendance1£POA

Pesticides ApplicationDaysPriceNPTCTotal
PA1 Foundation Module – NPTC (to be completed before any equipment training)1£140£125£265
PA6a Knapsack Sprayer (on land) – NPTC 1£140£140£280
PA6 additional unit (Near water, EcoPlugs, Inject etc.)£POA£140£POA
Refresher only / unit – no re-assessment required – Lynher Training Certificate of Attendance1£140n/a£140
PA2 Tractor Mounted Sprayer – NPTC1£270£175£445

Health & Safety CoursesDaysPrice
First Aid at Work-Emergency – Qualsafe certificate1£80
First Aid at Work-Emergency + F for Forestry – Qualsafe certificate1£130
ROLO (LISS Card) Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness – BALI Certificate1£145
Animal Transport Level 2 Award (Livestock & Horses, Poultry) Assessment only – NPTC Certificate – 1 category (additional categories can be added at additional charge)N/A£165

Rural Skills Courses: Lynher Certificate of AttendanceDaysPrice
Stonewalling – Basic Skills – Lynher certificate – group booking only1£POA
Hedgelaying – Practical Training (seasonal from Oct – Mar) – Lynher certificate – group booking only1£POA

Workshop Courses: Lynher Certificates of Attendance unless otherwise statedDaysPrice
Abrasive wheels – Hand-Held / Bench grinders – Group booking1£POA
Workshop Safety/Safe Use of Equipment – Group booking1£POA

Vehicle and Machinery CoursesDaysPrice
MEWP – Mobile Elevating Work Platform – IPAF certificate -Group booking only – maximum of 6 tests1£995
Safe use of MEWP – NPTC Certificate of competence – Group booking – maximum of 4 tests1£825
Safe use of MEWP – NPTC Certificate of competence per person
Mowers – Ride–on OR Pedestrian Operated – Lantra 1£255
Mowers – Ride–on & Pedestrian Operated – Lynher1£195
Tractor Driving – Basic – Lantra Certificate2£575
Tractor Driving – Loader – Lantra Certificate1£250
Tractor Driving – Slopes – Lantra Certificate1£POA
Tractor Driving – refresher / renewal Lantra Certificate1£325
ATV – All Terrain Vehicles / Quads – Lantra Certificate1£350
Forklift Trucks – Counterbalanced, Reach or Telescopic – Lantra Certificate1£POA
Winching – Hand Operated or Vehicle Mounted – Own site/Full course only (Certification extra)1£540
FMOC – Base, Forwarder, Skidder, per NPTC assessment1£195

Plant and Machinery: Lantra or NPORS assessed courses
Excavators, Dumpers, Telehandlers, Slinger etc (Duration depends on experience – please contact us to discuss) (Call us to discuss other machinery)
Per day
Our Site
1 day including site & machinery hire (experienced operators only)
Additional days including site & machinery£600
Own Site – training for Vehicles, Plant & Machinery
+£60 per assessment and instructor mileage to your site

Equipment hire or other expenses may be applicable – please confirm requirements before booking.
*Requests for cards, including replacements, placed after the paperwork has been sent to Lantra Awards or NPTC/C&G incurs a charge. To avoid this extra charge please bring a hard copy passport style photo to the course or e-mail a .jpeg version (Passport style Phone Selfies are acceptable)

The pricelist above shows the training course price and the NPTC assessment fees separately; followed by the total for both.
Some NPTC assessments (IA for Integrated Assessment) can be done during the course – these are shown as inclusive (included) – otherwise assessments are on a separate day.

If you are very experienced and don’t require training, then you can book just your NPTC assessments with Lynher Training or at any assessment centre nationally. We are happy to discuss with you your experience and whether this would be an option for you.

Prices given are per person. Discounts are available for groups and will depend on group size and location – please contact us to discuss options available. Discounts & special offers cannot be applied to NPTC assessment fees.

NPTC test papers can be downloaded free from:

Download the Chainsaw Equipment Hire Charges Info and Form