For anyone wishing to increase their knowledge and improve their techniques of Tree Planting

The course
1 Day

The course covers:- 
Planting – Whips, Ball rooted, Semi – standard & Standard Trees
Beating Up – Importance of weed control to promote good health and growth rate of planted trees
Maintenance – Recognise need for pruning roots and branches
Identification – Recognise different trees at different stages of growth

Do you have a group?
We may be able to come to your site – please ask for details

What should you bring to the course?
• Steel toe caps,
• Gloves,
• Overalls or suitable outdoor clothing,
• Wet weather gear if required

• Spades (Not shovels) -Preferably narrow variety
• Secateurs
• Pruning Knives

All tools will be available for use during the course – please bring any favourite tools if you would prefer

All trainees must be over 16 years of age and in good health.
Persons with certain ailments or on certain medication may not be able to take part in the practical sessions

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