For anyone interested in learning more about trees – Almost entirely outdoors; most of the day will be spent looking at trees.

The course
1 day
• Tree species identification – looking at a range of native British broadleaf and coniferous trees, as well as a number of more exotic species. (Venue permitting).
• ID characteristics – e.g. foliage, bark, twigs and buds.
• Tree strength.
• Growth rates.
• Re-growth characteristics.
• Hazards and defects.
• Ill Health

What should you bring to the course?
Outdoor clothing and stout footwear suitable for weather conditions, packed lunch, flask/drinks

There are seasonal differences with this course depending on whether trees are in full leaf, in bud, or losing leaves towards autumn – (for deciduous trees). Courses will not generally run in the middle of winter.

What the course covers:
• Health & Safety considerations / LOLER 98
• Familiarisation with the equipment
• Pre-use checks & risk assessments
• Starting & operating checks
• A safe working area
• Practical demonstrations & safe use.
• Maintenance, storage & transport.
• Legislative issues.

All trainees must be over 16 years of age and in good health.
Persons with certain ailments or on certain medication may not be able to take part in the practical sessions

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