This has been the most radical shakeup that we have seen in over 20 years of offering chainsaw training.

Whilst we were thinking that a bit of competition may be healthy, it has just become downright confusing with over 80 different options between the two awarding bodies.

The old CS units (CS30, 31 etc.) finished on the 31st May 2013 to be replaced by a new suite of numbers (201,202,203 etc.). However,
• NPTC will still assess the old units for a further 12 months to anyone who has already registered with them.
•  All the old CS30, 31 etc. units are still valid (as are the even older CS10,11 etc. units). Once you have been assessed and registered with NPTC (City & Guilds NPTC) you need never be assessed again! If in doubt ring NPTC on 02476 857300 and check your details on their database.
• All the old units will continue to serve as valid pre-requisites should you want to continue with further units

HSE are still advising refreshers every 3 to 5 years depending on your situation. The good news is that the prices are being held for the moment at the same as their equivalent last year, this will no doubt change once Lantra & NPTC have got more confidence in their new systems.

Lynher Training will be offering a selection of these units based on demand and previous experience. We are registered to deliver all the units but have decided not to show the details of many of the ones that we are not asked for or are merely duplicating other units. As things settle down we will gradually add new units to the website.

If you are interested in a unit that we are not showing, then ask us for details.

The assessments are a little more streamlined than before but this is balanced out with the fact that CS30 & 31 now becomes 3 units (201,202 & 203), and you also have to answer every question correctly to pass! We’re making the new schedules available as a download, just click the link on each course page.

Lantra certificates will no longer be available for the training element of the chainsaw courses. We will issue a Lynher Training certificate of attendance if requested.

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