Lantra Awards and City and Guilds NPTC (previously known as Lantra and NPTC)
have decided to end their current working arrangements of the past few years
and go in direct competition with each other.

Both organisations are launching a range of new and updated chainsaw

NPTC will offer an ‘Integrated Assessment (IA)’ on some of their courses
competing against the old Lantra ‘ITA’ courses and Lantra are offering a
range of modern alternatives to the old NPTC CS units.

All the old NPTC units with the CS prefix are changing and new codes and
units are going to be brought in.  If you can remember when NPTC
changed their unit coding back in January 2010, or even back in 2001, you’ll
know that it will take us all a while to adjust. These changes are being made
due to the requirements of the new occupational standards, which were re-written
and launched earlier this year in a process that included both Lantra Awards
and City & Guilds NPTC in the consultation process.

The new units will become available from September this year, the
instructors, assessors and training providers will have been updated by
November (hopefully) and the old units will then be phased out at some point
in the new year. The latest information shows that it is still possible to
do the existing units until November / December 2013 with NPTC assessments for
the old units continuing until March or April 2014. We have been assured that the
new system will be cross referenced to the old one so that all existing
units will be honored for the forseeable future. It is likely that this will
continue for a period of about 5 years to allow for the recommended
refresher and updating process to take account of the changeover.

As always, Lynher Training is in the thick of it and talking to both Lantra
Awards and City & Guilds NPTC almost daily to get to grips with the new
system. As yet neither party has finalised this process but it is likely
that we will be able to offer both systems as they become available. At this
stage we are continuing to book under the old system during the changeover period.

If you are concerned and want to check how this will affect you, here are
the numbers for Lantra Awards and City & Guilds NPTC:

Lantra Awards: 02476 696 996

City & Guilds NPTC: 02476 857 300

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