Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Customer Statement.

Lynher training Ltd   Updated June 18th 2020

Guidance for people attending Training courses.

We have now started limited delivery of training and assessments, and plan to return to full service from July 13th. In order to maintain high standards of delivery for you, our customers during these challenging times, and to reassure you of our commitment to keep you safe, this is to let you know the measures Lynher Training Limited is taking to minimise the risks.

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We are following advice provided by the government, and we have also followed guidelines issued to us from the various Awarding Organisations we work with. For more information on the latest government guidelines (Updated June 12th 2020) please visit:

Should you attend?

  • Following government advice, if you have symptoms of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), however mild, you should stay at home and not leave your house for 7 days from when your symptoms started. (see government website above for full details)

PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND and let us know as soon as possible

  • If you have had contact with someone who has a confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, OR had contact with anyone showing Covid-19 symptoms in the last 7 days, OR if you have been contacted by the Government Test and Trace system and been asked to self-isolate – PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND and let us know as soon as possible
  • If you are at increased risk of suffering severe illness from Covid-19 because you are either: – aged 70 or over, or under 70 with underlying health conditions, then please be aware that you will need to be particularly stringent in following social distancing measures whilst attending a course. Although we will take every precaution to ensure that risks are minimised according to the guidelines, we suggest you contact us before your course to check with us about your particular requirements if you fall into this category.

Advice for learners attending courses:

To minimise the risk of infection, anyone attending courses will be required to:

  • Avoid close contact such as touching or shaking hands, and stay 2metres apart wherever possible. We will provide increased space between learners on classroom courses, and for outdoor courses we will ensure that learners can easily maintain social distance. Contact us for further details if you are concerned about a course you are booked to attend.
  • Wash hands frequently (if possible) with soap and water; if that is not possible, use hand sanitizer. All of our classroom-based course venues will have excellent hand washing facilities. On practical courses, (such as chainsaw, based in woodland) where hand washing facilities may not be available, learners will be required to bring their own hand sanitiser/alcohol gel or wipes if gel unavailable.
  • Cough/sneeze into a tissue and dispose of this immediately*, washing hands afterwards. Alternatively, coughing/sneezing into the bent elbow if no tissue available.    (If you have a new persistent cough however:  PLEASE DON’T ATTEND and let us know as soon as possible)
  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes
  • Bring your own supply of hand sanitiser, and your own refreshments. (We will not provide refreshments at present, although this will be reviewed)
  • Bring your own ppe both for the specific course you are attending (unless otherwise agreed in advance -exceptional circumstances only), and any Covid-19 specific ppe as specified for the course you are attending. (for example, you may be asked to bring disposable gloves or face coverings for some courses).
  • To be vigilant about social distancing throughout your time with us, from arrival in the car parking area (make sure there is enough space between vehicles), to using the toilet and hand washing facilities etc.

*Disposal of used tissues/ facemasks etc

For indoor courses we will endeavour to provide pedal bins to avoid the need to touch with your hands. However, we request that customers keep used items and take them home for disposal to avoid spreading the virus. For outdoor courses customers must take used items home for disposal. Please do not under any circumstances leave used items in woodland, parkland or any other outdoor areas used for training.

Cancelled Courses:

All our staff and instructors will be following the above advice. In the event that they need to self-isolate, this could lead to cancellation of courses at short notice. We will do our best to avoid this.

If the R goes above ‘1’, we recognise that the government may have to reintroduce lockdown measures, and if this happens it may become necessary to cancel or postpone courses in response to guidance from public health authorities. We obviously hope this won’t happen but should this be necessary, we hope that you, our customers will be as understanding as you have been in the past.

Your Instructor/ Assessor:

We are sure that everyone will do their best to abide by the guidelines laid out here; namely, whether to attend, what to bring, and social distancing /hand washing etc. However, learners must be aware that your attendance will be at your instructor’s discretion.

If the instructor decides that your attendance presents a risk to you or others on the course, then you will be asked to return home. We ask you to please comply and to contact us once you have returned home. We will discuss the situation on a case by case basis, and as ever we will endeavour to be as flexible and understanding as possible.  

Rescheduling Courses:

Courses cancelled by Lynher Training due to shortage of staff due to illness or self-isolation, will be rescheduled as soon as possible, and following government advice. We will inform customers of new available dates and will provide options to provide flexibility.  If customers have to self-isolate and therefore miss their course, please contact us, and we will advise you of the next availability. **We will talk to customers about course cancellation and the rescheduling of courses on an individual basis. As stated in our Terms and Conditions we are not obliged to accept responsibility for changes brought about by circumstances beyond our control, however we will always strive to be fair and accommodating to those who have had genuine concerns/ circumstances preventing them attending courses.

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