NPTC City & Guilds have issued the following directive to all Climbing Assessors:

Tree Climbing Equipment – LOLER

In order for aerial assessments to commence, candidates must provide evidence that the equipment to be used is fit for purpose and LOLER compliant. This means that it should have a unique identification and have been thoroughly examined by a competent person. The most current examination record must be provided where equipment is greater than 6 months old. If these records are not available for the Assessor to check, the assessment must not proceed.

Please ensure that candidates are aware that they will need to provide the most current examination record in order for the assessment to proceed.


All candidates/companies booking training courses with Lynher Training Ltd. are given this information both prior to and throughout the course and have been for some months now. We feel that it important to stress this information at every opportunity to avoid any confusion.

As can be seen above, NPTC have instructed their assessors NOT to assess any candidate that cannot provide either valid Receipts or valid LOLER certificates for their equipment. Please remember that these must also show clearly the correct identification marks that are on the actual equipment provided.

There is no room for guesswork, if the paperwork or markings are not 100% clear or have been altered in any way the assessors are not allowed to continue the assessment. Another frequently asked question: Chainsaw tool strops are to be LOLER compliant and should form part of the evidence of thorough examination when older than 12 months.

Any assessor found to have bypassed this in any way will be struck off the NPTC register so there is no question of any assessor being lenient. Your assessment will be terminated if this standard has not been met.

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